About Us

ORIX Capital Partners

ORIX Capital Partners LLC Private Equity is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA) and is an affiliate of Mariner Investment Group LLC (“Mariner”).  ORIX Capital Partners is an SEC registered investment adviser*.   In conjunction with its parent company ORIX USA, ORIX Capital Partners formed a private equity business initiative with the objective of making direct equity investments that support growth and performance among established middle-market companies throughout North America.  The purpose of the website is to provide general information about the ORIX Capital Partners and its investment professionals and to primarily assist in its efforts to source prospective private equity deals (e.g., put companies on notice of our willingness to consider such new investments).  This website is not designed with the goal of marketing or otherwise soliciting prospective clients or investors for any products or services offered by ORIX Capital Partners.

As a general statement, we take a disciplined and thesis-driven approach to investing — identifying promising sectors and actively pursuing new deals that meet our criteria. Our expertise spans a broad range of industries, and our depth of knowledge is further heightened through our ongoing analysis of industry trends and study of competitive dynamics. We believe that ORIX Capital Partners is able to respond quickly to attractive investment opportunities and to work effectively with management and co-owners to tackle challenges and cultivate opportunities.

As a subsidiary of ORIX USA, we believe that we are able to differentiate ourselves by leveraging the vast financial resources of ORIX USA to help facilitate our investments and support management teams (provide certain infrastructure and other non-investment related support). In most cases, investment transactions are not contingent or otherwise dependent on third party financing as ORIX USA stands ready to provide such necessary capital. We look to make equity investments and are flexible to various transaction structures, including management buyouts, recapitalizations, and special situations.

* ORIX Capital Partners Is A US Securities And Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Registered Investment Adviser.  Please Note That Such Registration Does Not Imply A Certain Level Of Skill Or Training Or Imply That The SEC Has Endorsed ORIX Capital Partner’s Qualifications To Provide The Advisory Services Described Herein. Finally, ORIX Capital Partners Is A “Relying Advisor” Under Its Affiliate Mariner’s Form ADV (I.E. Mariner Is The “Filling Advisor”)